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When I woke up to my newsfeed showing Lina's, Loujain Al-Hathloul's sister, recounting the bruises on her sister's thighs from beatings she is recieving in prison awaiting trial for being a humanitarian, I was sitting on my comfy couch sipping a cafe late proudly looking over bruises on my thighs from my dance class.

Dance, a joy and passion I have denied myself for many years . A form of self-expression, embodiment and power that my mom as a young girl was told jokingly by her father she would get a belt to make her dance when her godmother offered to take her to ballet with her daughter. The synchronicity was too strong for me to ignore.

We are all deeply connected and have a calling, as men and women to stand with and by our sisters across the globe who need our love and support. May we send our outmost deepest loving prayers that Loujain and her fellow activists are divinely protected and returned to their safety, communities and proper place of honour and peaceful power.

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