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The Life Ahead: Goddess Sofia

This film touched my core in a way that only true art can; that soulful heart of Italian art that leaves you in awe, mesmerized, transfixed, transformed, left inside the space of an eternal breathe, a soft squish of a blinking eye bearing light of thousands of years of knowing. A knowing as a home our world is famished for: the Divine Feminine. Goddess Sofia Loren, an embodied presence hard to find this day and age, a wealth beyond the material, an expression of such feminine range of emotions, unpredictabile, let's simply call her "wild"; that sensual beauty, literally exudes from her, that inexplicable, eternal mothering nourishing, creative lifeforce of the feminine that is an energy that is ageless and age full. With years, she gets better. Better as in more of who she is; the divine love principle, that breathes life into who she loves.

A film full of themes: prostitutes, a transsexual, in destitute and chaotic physical spaces: a context of many Italian masterpieces of going beyond what the eye sees to what the soul knows.

Jewish, Muslims , Catholics, when brought back to the Mother, to the Earth Goddess, is a return to oneness, to the womb, the WHOLE space where life is birthed. This peninsula shooting into the Mediterranean, with Mama Africa directly below and a literal hotpot of ancient cultures from Persians, Greeks, Arabs, Jews, the Roma people, nomads, and ancient culture where the Mother tongue , mysticism, magic, will always home a space where life started: a matrilineal space that is the actual true power of life.

Modern world, scattered pieces, scared children, seeking control and more mind escaping into A.I. and technology is abruptly stopped with this film. The Divine Mother, the unconditional love that puts the Divine child as it's first priority, before all other authority, living Goddess Sofia, her Sovereignty returns us to revere nature, eachother and reminds us: life is felt.

Her son Eduardo Ponti''s direction, the incredible performance of Ibrahim Gueye, the boy, leave an important trace, a remembering of "The Divine Mother with Child," an ancient, eternal archetype of divine love living eternally in us all ❤


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