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About | Lisa Petrucci | British Columbia

I was born into a talented and passionate Italian- Canadian family with a huge love for music, food, philosophy, real estate and education. I wrote the book "The Queen's Way" and a music album "La Regina" throughout and after my 5 year journey in Italy where I committed to becoming a world- renowned Composer-Vocalist, Author, Teacher . I was blessed to be born in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, where I graduated with an honours degree in Literature from S.F.U.  where I wrote my thesis on John Cage and the avant-garde.  I did a post training in theatre, dance, at Tooba School of Physical Theatre and studied jazz guitar with diverse private teachers.  In Tuscany, I studied and completed the Feldenkrais Method used train our nervous system and bring a higher level of self awareness. My voice studies range from having completed The Canadian National Voice Intensive, Estill Voice Method and bel-canto in Florence Italy.


 My inspirations range from Rumi, the Italian Renaissance, Michelangelo, and my Molisane/ Napolitan roots to the Avante- Garde of John Cage, Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith to pop music of Madonna. My politics are informed and inspired by feminists and spiritual leaders like Gloria Steinem, Marianne Williamson and the women in my family. My experience with my Italian roots living in Florence, Italy for 5 years gave me close contact and ability to study deeply and embody the Renaissance Art and philosophy.

My personal mission is to liberate women to be the Queens of their destiny and free themselves from whatever has held them captive from unleashing their gifts.

I, an educated woman, with every talent, have seen the darkest times of oppression from an internal and external force that submits a woman to no longer be the owner of her life.

            As an artist, activist and feminist, I am here to be in service to inspire girls and women to engage and collaborate with one another so women are united in the quest for infinite freedom, empowerment, education and agency for women all over the world.


My album and book "La Regina" (The Queen in Italian) is a deep dive into the feminine soul. La Regina is about self love and unleashing the powerful, benevolent, divine, creative and authoritative will of the Queen within every woman. My gift is to transform my client's mindset and

obstacles that are holding you back in life. Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let me help you learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals. Get in touch today to see what I can do for you.

"Lisa is an outgoing, creative and lovely teacher. She made me learn in a relaxed atmosphere without pressure. She's so patient to listen and make me more confident to learn from her. Highly recommend Lisa."  - Eleana - Hong Kong

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