Serving the Divine Unity

Unifying the human family, the divine feminine and masculine is a deep, gracious act of honoring the innate differences in one another and how each difference makes the whole... better. The "patriarchy" based on a specific, linear, masculine approach that strives for perfection, uniformity, singularity and has a very rigid right/ wrong lens of seeing the world, family and how to "act " left out the other half of itself: the Divine Feminine and how she creates. The Feminine cr

Full Moon Wisdom

The full moon shines bright against the dark sky who doesn't resist the darkness that encompasses it, rather knows deeply how much the polarities of life bring balance and harmony to each other. Through ALLOWING ourselves to go into the dark nights of the soul do we give ourselves the greatest gifts and breakthroughs. It takes a courageous desire to see and stand for yourself when the world would rather shut its eyes. How much we judge the dark emotions such as rage and grief

Association of Italian Canadian Writers

Felt so nourished listening to short stories and excerpts of novels from these Italian Canadian writers.. Took me back to the days of browsing bookstores in Bologna, finding Italo Calvino washing me with his windy recounts of seaside Italy. Literature has and will always be a huge part of what makes and moves me and felt honoured to be invited to the Association of Italian Canadian writers to perform a few songs and discuss feminine empowerment. Grazie Anna Ciampolini Foschi


When I woke up to my newsfeed showing Lina's, Loujain Al-Hathloul's sister, recounting the bruises on her sister's thighs from beatings she is recieving in prison awaiting trial for being a humanitarian, I was sitting on my comfy couch sipping a cafe late proudly looking over bruises on my thighs from my dance class. Dance, a joy and passion I have denied myself for many years . A form of self-expression, embodiment and power that my mom as a young girl was told jokingly by h