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My Amazonian Baby! Ciao!

Buongiorno goodlookin!
First off, I officially own my OWN WEBSITE! Welcome to the place where the Divine Co-Creative Magnetic, Manifesting, Magical, Luscious, Loving Feminine Divine is received, adored, upheld, rewarded, seen in all her fullest glorious power in ALL women and men across the world.
Second off, let's say Greece was a trip of a lifetime where witnessing my sister marry the love of her life made my heart and soul sing such glorious and delicious satisfaction and ohhhh those beach bars, crystal blue waters and frappes made life come alive and awaken the joy of luxuriating, sharing the abundance and poof , women were asking me for my book!
I only had this 1 physical one left in print! So, in a few days last week, I grounded myself and got this guidance into digital print on Amazon Kindle so women around the world can luxuriate and live their best lives fulfilling their destinies as Queen and Creator of her life!

Available on Amazon Kindle: "The Queen's Way: Goddess Guidance to the Fulfilment of your Destiny" by Lisa Petrucci

and last, thanks to the hard earned efforts of an amazing, marvel of a co-creator realtor, am living literally across the water in False Creek, in my own little kiss of an apartment :) Ooo lala! LIFE IS A BEACH! Join the uplift. luv u wild ones who believe in our holy fire, sacred water, wicked wind and abundant EARTH! Stay wild, stay free, stay holy!

Tanti Baci e Amore,

- La Regina

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