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Full Moon Wisdom

The full moon shines bright against the dark sky who doesn't resist the darkness that encompasses it, rather knows deeply how much the polarities of life bring balance and harmony to each other. Through ALLOWING ourselves to go into the dark nights of the soul do we give ourselves the greatest gifts and breakthroughs. It takes a courageous desire to see and stand for yourself when the world would rather shut its eyes. How much we judge the dark emotions such as rage and grief, do we not allow ourselves the light of bliss, ecstasy and joy. To be "whole" we must be able to be resilient and accept the places where our honest feelings weren't approved of or allowed to express .

As children, were you scolded when you expressed yourself honestly in a moment of anger? or sadness? Maybe these emotions were deemed unacceptable, therefore, we no longer allowed ourselves to feel them. The problem is, when we cut ourself off from one emotion, we no longer allow high emotions such as bliss and love. The capacity to hold space for them ALL without judgement is where our true power begins. What we resist, persists my luvs, so if we can allow our darker feelings, we allow them to move and become energy available for our dreams. Why? Because emotions are just energy in motion. The more we can stay neutral in the face of them, feel them, allow them, be unconditionally loving, the emotions MOVE and they are actually a powerful force that move us and our dreams! We get stuck when we fight and resist feeling our true feelings and adding judgement and labels. This is just the mind trying to control the heart. Instead, when we can embrace, allow, accept, we can go beyond and transform! This is the very first powerful step in my Manifestation system. Because our dreams are here simply to move us to a deeper knowing of ourself. A deeper embodying of our love and light!

We must journey into the dark to own all our light and to step into our big dreams. But we don't need to go there alone. Actually, support can get us through and beyond much faster. DM me if your are requiring a hand through the dark with someone who won't turn away. Who can stand to see you as you are. In that unconditional love-your light, love, truth, beauty, gifts shine brighter. Shine on Creative Queens 👸💛💫 #divinefeminine#singersongwriter #goddess #canada#vancouver #canadianmusic #italy#ladolcevita #lifecoach#entrepreneur #creative#lisapetruccimusic #girlpower#inspiration

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