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The Soulful Feminine

A decade ago, I took a leap of faith, to follow my feminine, Italian soul to Tuscany, Italy and be lead, guided into the unknown, where my gifts of creativity, connection, beauty and music would be unveiled. I let love be the only truth/ I found the seeds inside my body that only my soul would be the one to grow.

Rebirthing the Goddess...

So excited to be invited to participate in Toronto's @villa_charities debut of a few new songs from 2020/2021 music I've written in English and Italian !

Are you looking for mentorship how to get your creative gifts out to the world?

I am also so excited to invite you, if you are a feminine creative soul, to an opportunity to be mentored by me 1/1 starting July -Sept to get going on living your highest potential and fulfilling your true heart's desires! The Soulful Feminine! Limited space. Message now for details on how to get high level, upgrades on moving your feminine heart towards it's highest destiny!

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