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Serving the Divine Unity

Unifying the human family, the divine feminine and masculine is a deep, gracious act of honoring the innate differences in one another and how each difference makes the whole... better. The "patriarchy" based on a specific, linear, masculine approach that strives for perfection, uniformity, singularity and has a very rigid right/ wrong lens of seeing the world, family and how to "act " left out the other half of itself: the Divine Feminine and how she creates. The Feminine creates through it's very dynamic, versatile, non-linear, cyclical, messy even, process- oriented, always changing, growing, birthing, letting die what no longer serves and making space to birth new, soulful, pleasurable lovefull life. When a society is severed from the Divine Femine, we experience scarcity, fear and want to control, be right, get it right, be perfect. This kind of "perfection" is actually a falsehood in terms of creation. Each step forward in creativity is an exploration which not only allows but assumes "mistakes " are just a take 1 of a many take of creating. This clarifies and creates a "better " (and therefore more perfect " picture aligning with our true heart and soul). When we are fixated on only the masculine logical, right/ wrong, controlling way, we are not embodying nature's infinite power. Actually, she becomes suppressed. It may take a while, but we are stepping back into harmony . Honouring that we do not have all the control. That death is part of life and in that great surrender to the immense beauty of the uncertainty of life there is a far greater power: stepping into the unknown to align with Mother Earth, Father Sky, Human nature and the Universe that lovingly provides us with everything. This process is how the Goddess deeply knows her heart's desire and therefore the Universe's desire too and energizes the Masculine Divine' free will to serve it. Here, in this divine uncontrolled and deeply commited unity, we lovingly serve eachother and the world is blessed 🌎 ✨ 🙏 ❤ #divinefeminine #divinemasculine#gratitude #goddess #family #coach#creative #lifecoach #2020 #spiritual#femininedivine #femininewisdom#love #alchemy #unity

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