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my birthday suit, self-love and manifestation

Surprise! Yesterday was feeling like a bubbling bottle of champagne👸because I celebrated picking up the first ultra lux big size Boudoir photo of moi🐩 to hang on my bedroom wall! Creative Queens, I celebrated my birthday this year in high and deep style, : all to celebrate me in my birthday suit ... for ME! This was a divine act of self-love for I knew the only person at this time in my life to see these photos would be me and some close women in my life and this made it like a wake-up! The funny part of this all was how much resistance I felt about doing this photoshoot! I had a million excuses why it wasn't appropriate for me, a waste of time, money, etc. I was seriously about to cancel the appointment!

How many times do we not show up for ourself? Waiting for some "future " event, " future" person, always this like outside thing we consider more important to "approve" "give value" "give permission". I know this is a big one for women ! Looking for someone or something "out there" to give permission to be all of your very fabulously multi-dimensional amazing divine mystery. Women play the "1 dimension" game: BORING!

Either giving ourself the hard warrior with a hard shell who does it all on her own or soft door mat girl who can't get anything done, Virgin Mary or Magdalena slut.. u get it- just playing a very small small game in life because that's what's been handed us. Ask your inner girl though, maybe that smart bossy 10 year old who was a sharp Tom-boy but loved dancing in pink and playing with barbies, and dreamt of singing on the moon: ask her how well you are living up to " Her" standard. The only one that truly counts...Hmmmmmmm .

Disclaimer: this photoshoot was a hefty investment but well worth it and absolutely advice all women, all shapes, sizes, age, colour, sexual orientation, to do this amazing experience!

Now time to hang my cute booty up on my wall!👩‍🎨🎵

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