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Embark on A Journey of your Soul

An entrance, a hallway, a myth, universal intelligence, a guide, a Virgil,

An escape, a dead end. Always a new path.

Persistence, Persephone, Cellphones, Cells, Less is More. Return, a return to body, Basic cooking. Cooking into a King. Immaculate conceptions, Coronations, Mona Lisa, Minkia, Monkeys, Moon keys, Keys to the Sacred garden, Sacral passage. The Church. Gnosticism. Knowing. Sofia, Christ. Come come here child all of you is welcome.

Mitra, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Venus, Venere, Reverently Irreverent:

Alchemist, Ulysses, Dante, a Safe Harbour and Sirens from Capri, Isis, the Raven Trickster, Dea Sofia, Christ , the Fool, the Mago, the Empress, Chariots of Fire, Prophets, Abraham, Holy Fire, Chaos, Immense, Vast....



WE are about to go on a journey of the Soul

/ Back into the Divine Feminine.

Where, only God/Goddess knows? Will you ghost? Or Go ? o

Holy Ghost Know?

Now here into the deep heart of the Present presents you

an invitation, a participation into:

A never ending Story

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