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Divine Living for a Regina

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

When I travelled and lived in Italy 5 years, not only did I find my true singing voice, I uncovered the benevolent, resourceful, fierce, sexxxxy Queen in me who lived life on her own terms, blazing forward new paths to higher levels of joy, creativity, and freedom. Yes Italy brought me into the womb of creation on my own Royal road...

Returning to Vancouver thrusted me forward into new places in my heart. Finding wild, passionate, deep love in a new way: discovering my heart and soul could love deeper than it ever had. Then feeling the intense challenges when that royal road became jagged. Finding myself in detours, taken off my path, healing places that would ultimately broaden my scope, widen my lens, to take in more and all of this wild, exquisite, breathing thing we call life.

Life has been more intense in these past 6 months, than maybe ever. I have swam deeper in the deepest ocean and moved things in me I didn't ever feel before. Things so sad and deep only the warmth of salty tears on wet cheeks could re submerge me. To come back out and up into the smiling air of the loving sun shining forever more on all of us. Compassion, resilience and passion birthed in me in a powerful way over these months. Well, these are the lessons every Queen must go through on her journey and awakening into her true calling.

The past few weeks has felt incredible, from celebrating Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and my birthday... ( and Prince Williams by the way :) at the beautiful Reflections rooftop patio !

to finally honouring one of my callings of "La Regina" and attended my first epic transformational 2 day live event, hosted all over the world by my favourite leader, mentor and women's business, spiritual and life coach, Gina Devee of Divine Living, at the gorgeous Rosewood Hotel! Talk about really embodying the long, juicy, sumptuous rebirth birthday!

The event dug deep into our power to transform whatever limiting belief might be controlling and limiting us from moving forward into our soul's calling. Just what I needed ! I have felt this impulse from 2009 to move beyond the known, into the unknown, where the magnetic and co-creative power of the feminine to decide and act from her soul and wisdom of her spirit. I have felt often very alone on this journey, which is true, as it does require us to make decisions that lead us to new territory where we connect to our true relationship: that with spirit, source, life force, God. But to find a teacher, a woman who has walked a similar path and devoted her life calling to bringing like-minded women together is a divine blessing .

Sisterhood is a powerful container for the divine feminine to come through and unleash our higher good.

I have always seeked to bring this forth into my personal world but to find a global community commited to this is something of a higher order that was clearly seeking me for some time!

Least to say, we dove deep and uncovered some archetypes ruling the show, that no longer serve us Queens, and keep us living small! Poof! With such fierce clarity and concise look into dismantling the untruths, we let go of these knots and began finding our ways back on our Royal paths. So good and yummy and so much passionate feminine energy just took over the room!

Every woman has a super star shining her wisdom, truth, gifts and just one on the cusp of her greatness needs the mirroring back to her when suddenly an awakening happens and limitless possibilities open up and tadum: miracles happen!

nothing more powerful, grand and moving than that and

thanks to Gina's incredible fire, wisdom and know how , this group of women got to soar!

We are so greatful Gina, thankyou, thankyou, a million times!

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