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Awareness Practise with Lisa Petrucci

Hi Creatives!

Hi Queens, Kings and Changemakers!

Welcome to the Global Awakening to the Divine Feminine Power!

We want to access the true creative possibilities to go beyond the "problems"

to access the solutions". This will call forth a change in our consciousness for as one of my favourite mentors says, "Consciousness creates our reality" and we know that the solutions lie in a different consciousness than that which created the problem. So how do we bridge the gap? Herein, lies my body of work. The true high art that goes deeper than the deepest ocean. That faces all fear, all darkness and embodies brings consciousness to it in order for the great acts of spirit to alchemize, transform and birth new life.

Within our feeling, feminine bodies are the seeds of new beginnings. There are so many feminine processes that the world has never taught you that now you are being called to learn. The world showed you the "masculine" way to get things done. This way serves us, however, we are being called not only to harmonize but to literally bring back a whole different way to create; the way of the feminine divine.

Let me show you!

Here is the latest and "first" live I did on Youtube that will take you into your feminine realm of your emotions. Leave me a comment on how you shift and how this feels!

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